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Book Sale Pirate Advertising Information

Book Sale Pirate has many ways to meet your advertising needs and budget. Advertise book selling products and services, bookstores, new books, collectible books, book events, websites and more. This area has information regarding our online banner advertising. For other types, please select from the following links if you are:

Submitting a Book Sale, Bookstore or Book Signing.


You wish to place a Classified Ad.


Banner advertising includes our Featured Publication, Half Banner ads, Full Banners and Premium Masthead ad. All prices are in US Dollars.

Featured Publications: These ads are perfect for advertising new books and publications. Book and magazine publishers, authors and stores can all benefit from this reasonably-priced featured publicationadvertising. Promote new works or find a new audience for your published materials. Featured Publications are a great way to get results. Featured publications appear below each of our three key map navigation areas on the homepage Book Sales, Bookstores Navigation and Book Signing Navigation. Your ad will appear in all three areas. Visitors can also instantly access them by clicking the Featured Publications button in the main navigation bar on any page. There is room for a picture, text, a special offer or any combination of these. The ad will link directly to the website of your choice for bookstore sales, online store, publisher list or autographed copies from the author. Featured Publication ads are only $10 per month and are sold in lots of 3 months for $30 or $55 prepaid for 6 months. Size is 225 x 150 pixels. File size 25k or less.

Half Banner ads: Half Banner Ads appear in a column at the right of the web page. Half Banners are a standard-size 234 x 60 pixel and link directly to the page of your choice.half banner sample With Half Banners, your ad will receive almost complete run-of-site exposure—155+ individual pages!* Whether a buyer arrives from our homepage or via search engine to a specific page, your ad will be seen. Regular Half Banner Ads are $10 per month prepaid $120 for one year. The top Half Banner in the column is a premium position. The rate for the top banner is $15 per month. Other ads are placed on a first served basis. *Half banners do not appear on a few administrative pages.

Full Banner Ads: Get noticed with a Full Banner Ad. Full Banners receive complete run of site coverage so you are sure of giving your message maximum coverage.full banner Full Banners are premium ads with highly limited quantity. Full Banners are a standard-size 468 x 60 pixels located at the top of all pages. These ads are sold on a first come, first served basis for $20 per month prepaid yearly for $240.

Premium Masthead Ad: For the ultimate in premium ads, we have our Masthead Ad. This ad is located on the right side of the page directly within the borders of our own masthead. This premium ad receives total run-of-site coverage appearing on every page. The ad is a standard 120 x 90 pixel and the location is worth its weight in gold. It is the best station on the ship for $50 per month. File size 20k or less.

masthead sample masthead

The Pirate Fine Print: We like to keep our fine print the same size as the print on the rest of the page. New ads must be received 10 days prior to the beginning of the month. Late ads risk being placed late. Ads must be the dimensions outlined above and sent as either Jpeg or GiF formats to . With the exception of premium ads, we do not accept special ad placement for half banners. New ads are placed at the bottom of the column and work their way up. We do not currently accept flash advertising. Our users are readers—select the right words and they will come for a visit. PLEASE place your company name and the dates for the ad in the header or body of the email and include a contact phone number. All advertising must be prepaid prior to placement. No ad will be placed without payment and ad position may be lost.

Submission check list:

1. Make certain your ad matches the pixel and file size noted above and is in Jpeg or Gif format. Need help? See #4 below.

2. Don't forget to include the web link you want for the ad.

3. Please send a 3 to 8 word summary for the ad. This is hidden in most browsers, but will be helpful for search engines and mobile devices. If you do not send this, we will do out best to place an appropriate one for you.

4. Keep your ad simple and direct. Do not overcrowd it. Ask for something specific of your potential customer and you will see better results. Create a special "landing page" for your advertisement so the visitor finds exactly what they want right away. If you need help with an ad, let us know and we can help you. We can also create your ad for you for a minimal cost. Please allow extra time if you would like us to create the ad and contact us for guidelines. Most ads are standard-sized and the can be used on many websites. Once created, the ad will belong to you.

5. Send the ad with time to spare. Don't wait for the last second (yes, you know who you are). Our pirates are fun, don't make us grumpy.

Payment: Please note: ALL payments need to be made out to BUTTER SIDE DOWN not the website name. We can accept most credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, eCheck and Paypal through our "Butter Side Down" Paypal account or let us know if you wish to send check or money order. Please wait for your ad to be approved. We will invoice you via email.

Book Sale Pirate c/o Butter Side Down, PO Box 248, Richwood, NJ 08074

Advertising Information Request:

Banner ads are subject to availability. Please let us know which type of ad you would like and how long you would like the ad to run. If you are not sure, you can let us know that too and we will help you out via or phone call (856) 226-9749.

Would you like us to email future specials or information?

Please let us know more about how we can help you:

Cast yer bottle into the sea:

You can also email questions to and we will reply as quickly as possible.